Torqeedo Ultralight 403 A & AC versions

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Battery Capacity :: 915 Wh Battery



The Torqeedo Ultralight 403 is the easy-to-mount solution for today’s fishing kayaks

  • Range of up to 100 km
  • 1-hp equivalent
  • Weight as low as 8.8 kg complete with battery
  • Waterproof to IP67
  • Easy to mount on fishing kayaks
  • Steering /tilting /auto-kickup – easy integration with your kayak's steering system
  • Universal mounting ball for easy attachment to the kayak

The lightweight, 1 HP equivalent Ultralight motor not only takes you where the fish are, it delivers hands-free kayak fishing, making it the preferred choice of professional anglers. 

Torqeedo engineers have designed a new angler mount, which fits the four mounting points built into the stern of most popular fishing kayaks. Now with this durable, practical and versatile new mount for fishing kayaks, the Ultralight still allows kayakers to go farther and fish longer, with a system that’s much easier to mount, easier to use and faster to store and stow.

Two battery options are available – 320 (A) and 915 Wh (AC) – so anglers can choose the capacity that fits their needs, their kayak and their waterways. The system offers a host of practical new features, including easy motor depth adjustment and a lightning-fast way to safely stow the motor for transport or remove it altogether. Simply pull and secure a cable to tilt the motor up when fishing in shallow waters or near the shoreline. The reverse lock cable allows the motor to be locked down for motoring in reverse and then released so the automatic kick-up feature is activated again.

As before, integration with the kayak’s steering system is quick and easy, and the onboard computer delivers real-time range and runtime data.

The Ultralight includes a tilt sensor and magnetic kill switch, which automatically cut the power if the kayak capsizes.

Touring kayaks, or kayaks without the four standard stern mounting points, can install the Ultralight with the optional mounting ball system.


  • Weight including battery: 8.8 kg
  • Maximum speed up to 9.3 km/h (boat-dependent), faster that any trolling motor
  • Range of up to 100 km at low speed (also boat-dependent) with the 915 Wh battery
  • completely waterproof (IP 67)
  • Precise GPS-based calculation of remaining range
  • Solar rechargeable – including during the voyage

What's in the Box:

  • Motor
  • Remote Throttle
  • Battery
  • Mains charger / UK plug adapter
  • On-board computer
  • GPS-based range calculation
  • Emergency magnetic stop key


Ultralight 403 A with integrated battery (320 Wh/29.6V/11 Ah)

Hobie Mirage Revolution angling kayak (4.1 m/26.3 kg)



Speed in mph (km/h)

Range in nm (km)

Run time in hours

Slow speed

approx. 2.3 (4.2)

approx. 18.9 (35.0)


Half throttle

approx. 3.2 (6.0)

approx. 13.5 (25.0)


Full throttle

approx. 5.0 (9.3)

approx. 4.0 (7.5)


Ultralight 403 AC with integrated battery (915 Wh/29.6V/31 Ah)

Hobie Mirage Revolution angling kayak (4.1 m/26.3 kg)



Speed in mph (km/h)

Range in nm (km)

Run time in hours

Slow speed

approx. 2.3 (4.2)

approx. 54.0 (101.0)


Half throttle

approx. 3.2 (6.0)

approx. 38.3 (71.0)


Full throttle

approx. 5.0 (9.3) approx. 11.7 (21.7)


*Dependent on factors such as type of boat, load, propeller and ambient conditions.

Figures for speed and range are indicative only and are not a guarantee of performance.


The motor shuts off when the magnetic key on the remote throttle control is removed. Therefore, for safety reasons, the magnetic key should be attached to the wrist or the life vest. If the kayak capsizes, the motor shuts off automatically to avoid possible injury.

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